#DailyDevotion Jesus Is The Mercies Of David

#DailyDevotion Jesus Is The Mercies Of David

Isaiah 554Once I made him a witness to the nations, a prince and a commander of the nations. 5So now you will call a nation you don’t know, and a nation that doesn’t know you will run to you on account of the LORD your God and the Holy One of Israel, for He has honored you.”

Who is him? The mercies of David. Jesus Christ is the mercies of David. The Father has made him a witness to the nations. He witnesses to the Father’s will toward Israel and humankind. The Father’s will toward us is mercy, kindness, love, patience and forgiveness. As John witnesses in his epistle, “This is love, not that we loved God but he loved us sending his son to be the atoning sacrifice for our sins. Jesus has revealed himself as our Savior and Redeemer and he has revealed to us the Father.

Jesus, the mercies of David, is a prince and commander of nations. Seated at the right hand of God he is Eph. 121“above all rulers, authorities, powers, lords, and any name that can be mentioned, not only in this world but also in the next.” Phil. 27“He emptied Himself, made Himself a slave, became like other human beings, 8and was seen to have the ways of a man. He became obedient and humbled Himself until He died, yes, died on a cross. 9That is why God also exalted Him up on high and gave Him the name above every other name 10that at the name of JESUS everyone in heaven and on earth and under the earth should kneel, lland everyone should confess, “JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!” and so glorify God the Father.”

Now not just Jews, not just Israelis, but nations David didn’t know, the Mercies of David, Jesus Christ calls to be his own. He calls us with his good news call that the Father will accept them on account of his sacrifice for them.  Indeed we have run to Jesus because in him we know the Father’s good will toward us.

We have the Trinity mentioned here namely, the Mercies of David, the LORD your God and the Holy One of Israel. Both the Father and the Holy Spirit honors the son, Jesus Christ, the Mercies of David, for the work he did on the cross and his victory over death and the grave. They honor him with a people from every nation, tribe, race and tongue. From every nation the Holy Spirit through the Good News of Jesus and the Sacraments makes for Jesus a holy people, a royal priesthood to his praise and glory.

Jesus indeed offers to you the water of life for free. He’s offering you the feast of everlasting life without cost to you. Come LORD Jesus be our guest and let these gifts to us be blessed.

Merciful and Almighty God and Father, so be revealed to us in your Son Jesus Christ that we may be called by him and run to him to be his holy people. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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