#DailyDevotions A Tale Of Two Adams Part 2

#DailyDevotions A Tale Of Two Adams Part 2

Romans 515But the gift is more than the sin. If one man’s sin brought death to all people, we are all the more certain God’s grace and the gracious gift of the one Man, Jesus Christ, have been richly poured out on all people.

The first Adam brought sin and death into the world. Through him all are made sinners and all die. His children are brought into the world subject to death. Yet the gift of God in Christ Jesus is greater. The gift is a free gift, not earned or merited by those who daily rebel against the LORD their God and Creator, which sinning just doubles down on our death sentence. The gift is great because the one who gives it is greater. The gift is not free. No it was purchased and won for us at a great price. The work, the obedience, the merits, the shame, the humiliation, the death of God made flesh, Jesus Christ of Nazareth purchased and won it for us. He offers it to us for free.

Yes the first Adam won for us eternal death and damnation. The second Adam, Jesus Christ, won for us eternal life with God. More than that, while the sin of Adam brought us to the depths of hell, the obedience of Jesus lifts us up to the right hand of the Father. While the sin of Adam gave us mortal bodies and souls/spirits that were dead, Jesus assumes our flesh and our flesh is assumed into the Godhead.

We are all the more certain of God’s grace and the gracious gift of the one man Jesus Christ. We can be all the certain because God’s grace and the gift of Jesus has been poured out on all people. Now some may object, in the Greek its says, “pollous,” which means many. Certainly, but that same word is used when speaking of sin bringing death to all people. You wouldn’t say sin brought death to many people. No everyone born from the seed of man receives in themselves the sin of Adam. You might note, Jesus was conceived of the seed of the woman, Mary and not from the seed of Joseph her husband.

So if all have been poured upon by the grace of God in Christ, well you cannot get more certain than all. You might remember on Pentecost Peter quoting Joel, 217“In the last days,” God says, “I will pour out My Spirit on all people.” Pentecost is the fulfillment of verse fifteen. You may object, “Why doesn’t everyone believe then?” Jesus says in John 159“But if I go, I’ll send Him to you. He will come and convict the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment: of sin because they don’t believe in Me; 10of righteousness because I’m going to the Father and you won’t see Me anymore; 11of judgment because the ruler of this world is judged.” The Spirit, the gracious gift of the Man, Jesus Christ has been poured out on all so that all may believe.

Jesus doesn’t want us having any doubt. He died for us all. He poured out his Spirit upon all. He has opened heaven for all. He has won salvation for us all. He has gotten eternal life for us all by the shedding of his blood. Yet the Spirit convicts some because they do not believe. They reject the gift, the gracious gift, the free gift of Jesus Christ the LORD. Jesus has not put any barriers in their way. He keeps the wicked one, for now, from keeping them from believing. But from the hardness of their hearts they reject Jesus and his gift of life eternal. But you, you have received the gift in baptism. You have believed on the LORD Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit has made you his dwelling and while death may capture your body temporarily, it may not touch your soul. As Christ Jesus has risen never to die again so you who believe in him will like him rise.

Merciful God and Father, your richly give us the free gift of salvation and pour out your Holy Spirit upon us freely. May we ever rejoice in your perfect graciousness and live and reign with you and Jesus Christ forever, in whose name we pray. Amen.

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