#DailyDevotion YHWH Has Sent His Servant

#DailyDevotion YHWH Has Sent His Servant

Isaiah 42:1-4 “Here is My Servant Whom I support; I have chosen Him, and I delight in Him. I put My Spirit on Him. He will bring righteousness to the nations. 2 He will not cry or raise His voice or call out loud in the street. 3He will not break off a broken reed or put out a dimly burning wick: for truth He will bring justice. 4He will not fail or break down. The lands by the sea are waiting for Him to teach them.”

This is one of the well known servant songs of Isaiah. In these songs the LORD sings about the one he is sending to Israel to have them return to him, to restore them and to deliver the nations and to join them to Israel.

One of the things we see about this servant is the LORD has his support. He will be with this servant in everything he does and will bless it. We’ve seen this sort of thing before in people like Joseph, who also he goes through many troubles, he always ends up on top of things. Or take Daniel who similar fashion through no fault of his own undergoes opposition but overcomes his adversaries. So too this servant of the LORD has the LORD’s support and though he will have troubles, he will overcome them all.

This servant is chosen by the LORD and he delights in him. Yes, before the foundation of the world, the LORD has chosen this one to be his representative, to speak only what is given him to speak and to do all that is given him to do. He will not fail or falter like his Israel who did not do these things. Because of this the LORD delights in him.

The LORD puts his Spirit on him. He is not partially filled with the Holy Spirit but the fullness of the Spirit will be upon him and in him. His life will be guided by him and the power he exercises will be from the Spirit. All of his words and teachings will have the authority of the Spirit and the power of the Spirit.

The manner of this one is humility and meekness. He does not raise his voice or call out loud in the street. He simply teaches the people what the LORD has given him to whoever will hear and listen to him. He doesn’t crush the oppressed or beat down upon those who are burdened by their sins, guilt and shame. He has come to bring justice. Indeed in his flesh justice is fulfilled as he suffers and dies upon the cross.

He is a servant who comes not only for Israel but for the nations as well. He is sent by the LORD to bring righteousness to them and to teach them. Indeed, during his time with us visibly, he taught the Samaritans and the Gentiles around the sea of Galilee as foretold. Even now through his Church and the means of grace (baptism, absolution, the Lord’s Supper, preaching of the word and mutual conversation of the brethren) he brings both Israel and Gentiles the righteousness of God. He sends his apostles, evangelist, pastors and teachers into the world to teach them everything the LORD had given him to speak to the world.

This Servant of the LORD is none other than Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Heavenly Father, you sent your Servant, you Son, Jesus Christ into the world to deliver Israel, to bring righteousness and justice to the nations. Grant us faith in him so we may receive the benefits of his service. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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