#DailyDevotion What Are You Doing With What Jesus Gave You?

#DailyDevotion What Are You Doing With What Jesus Gave You?

Matt. 2514“It’s like a man going on a trip. He called his slaves and put his money into their hands. 15He gave one man five talents,’ another two talents, and another one talent, each according to his ability. Then he left.16“The one who got five talents immediately went and put it into business and made another five talents. 17The one who had two talents did the same and made another two talents. 18But the one who got one talent went and dug a hole in the ground and hid his master’s money. 19“After a long time the master of those slaves came and had them give an account.

Continuing from the account of the ten virgins Jesus tells the parable of the talents (which is a certain amount of money). It is again a description of the reign and rule of heaven. Since it so quickly follows the previous parable you might be looking for similarities and differences which flesh out the meaning of it.

Now this parable certainly doesn’t start out the same. There is a master and three slaves. Now I think we can say here that Jesus is the master. The three slaves represent three disciples, i.e. followers of Jesus. Now the master puts them in charge of all his money into their hands. He gives one five talents, one two and the third one. He doesn’t do it willy nilly but each slave gets an amount equal to their ability as he sees it.

Now the first two slaves get busy serving their master. They take what has been entrusted to them and they both double the amount of money that was given them while the third digs a hole and puts the money in the ground.

Now there are lots of interpretations as to what these talents are. Many pastors use this parable to exhort the members of their congregations to us their talents (time, gifts and money) for the LORD’s use. But what they are really is of no real importance. What is of great importance is why the slaves act the way they do.

In any case, the master spends a long time in coming back. He we have the first connection point with the previous parable. The bridegroom took a long time at arriving at the party. Now the master takes his time in coming back. We should know then that Jesus is probably going to be taking his time in returning visibly to us. It’s been 2000 years. Why is he taking so long? We are told in the Scriptures he is waiting for the full number of the elect to be saved. He is also being patient with us not wanting any to perish but for all to repent and believe the good news.

When Jesus returns like the master here there will be an accounting. Jesus is returning to judge the living and the dead. There is going to be an accounting. Now you might note, the living are those who possess eternal life. They are Christians. The dead are those who do not have Christ life in them. What makes the difference? Jesus tells us in John 17, 3“This is everlasting life — to know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, Whom You sent.” To know Jesus is to trust Jesus. Why do the first two get busy doing their master’s work? They trust and know their master. Why does the third busy his talent and do nothing? He doesn’t trust or know the master. Regardless of the results of your work, which of the slaves are you going to be?

Heavenly Father, grant us your Holy Spirit that we may know and trust in your Son Jesus Christ and work faithfully in all we do here below until his revelation and judgment. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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