#DailyDevotion Trust In Jesus For Daily Life & Live Like Eagles Soaring On The Wind

#DailyDevotion Trust In Jesus For Daily Life & Live Like Eagles Soaring On The Wind

Isaiah 40:28-30 28Don’t you know? Didn’t you hear? The everlasting God, the LORD who made the whole earth, doesn’t get tired or weary. No one can by searching find out what He knows. 29He gives strength to the weary and provides vigor to those who have none. 30Young men get tired and weary; in spite of their young vigor, they may fall exhausted; 31but those who depend on the LORD get new strength. They lift up their wings like eagles; they run and don’t get tired; they walk and don’t get weary.

The LORD repeats himself in verse twenty-eight, “Don’t you know? Didn’t you hear?” He repeats himself because he is in part recalling what he said a few verses ago to emphasize something new. He recalls again his status as our creator, the creator of the cosmos and the world. To this he adds, he “doesn’t get tired or weary.” This will part of his theme of the gospel part of this section. Other gods other nations may get tired and weary from their work, but not the LORD because he isn’t like man like the other gods. He is the uncreated one, the source of all things. When the LORD rested on the seventh day it was not for his benefit but for ours that we may find respite in him.

Now the LORD adds one more thing. “No one can by searching find out what He knows.” The mind of the LORD God Almighty is infinite. We do find some pleasure in pursuing knowledge of the world around us. The LORD allows us to do so and enlightens men’s minds as to the working of his creation. Ultimately though all knowledge rest in him and he reveals it to us as he pleases. Such is his status as God.

The LORD who is the Almighty Creator of all that is gives us some good news to lift us up and to encourage us when it seems everything is crashing down around us. “He gives strength to the weary and provides vigor to those who have none.” It could just be the daily grind that wears you out. Taking care of kids, your job at the office or your workplace, providing for your family can bring you to the place where you have nothing left to give. Our LORD Jesus Christ when you turn to him can and will give your strength and vigor to continue and to live your life. Even while the young may grow tired, faint and exhausted, even a five year old eventually falls tired asleep, “those who depend on the LORD get new strength.” He promises us, as we depend on our LORD Jesus Christ, we will be like eagles who stretch out their wings and are lifted up by the air to soar. Eagles and other large birds in particular seem to effortlessly float on the air. The winds sustain them and they don’t grow tired or weary.

In similar fashion we are encouraged by these words to depend not upon our own reason or strength for daily life but rather depend upon the one who created and sustains all things, our LORD Jesus Christ. Is life in general just getting you down? Is the turmoil of the world getting to you and you feel helpless? Turn to Jesus Christ your LORD and trust in him. Ask him for help to live and he will sustain you and have you soar through life above the fray. Ultimately, trusting in Jesus for our daily life is easier than trying to live our lives by our own reason or strength. We are not meant to do that. We are meant to get our daily strength from the LORD Jesus Christ.

Heavenly Father, grant us faith and your Holy Spirit that we may cast all our cares upon you and trust your Son Jesus Christ to give us strength and vigor for the day you have called us to live in so we may live through as the eagles soar upon the winds. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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