#DailyDevotion The LORD Did Descend But In Humility

#DailyDevotion The LORD Did Descend But In Humility

Isaiah 64 I wish You would tear the heavens apart and come down. Your presence would shake the mountains 2as when fire burns up dry twigs and makes water boil. We want Your enemies to know Your name. Your presence makes the nations tremble 3when You do fearful things we don’t expect. Yes, if you would come down, Your presence would shake the mountains. 4No one has ever heard with his ears or seen with his eyes any god except You Who does things for those who look to Him with confidence. 5You encourage those who delight in doing right and remember You in Your ways. Though You were angry, we still sinned — . we’ve continued long in sins, and can we be saved?

Isaiah, the eighth century prophet during the time northern Israel was about to be devoured by the Assyrians for all their sinning and seeing the future makes this proclamation. He desires that the LORD would come down and make his presence known to all the people as he did on Mt. Sinai when the Israelites first crossed over the Red Sea. He thinks this would make the nations tremble and bring about the repentance of Israel. He is right that if the LORD did this the people would tremble and the nations would fear.

However, he is wrong if he thinks this would bring about the repentance and return to the LORD his God. The Israelites saw the plagues of Egypt. The crossed through the Red Sea on dry land with the waters held up like a wall on either side of them. They the LORD in the pillar of fire by day night and cloud by day. The saw the LORD come down upon Mt. Sinai with fire, smoke, the trumpet blaring and heard the voice of the Almighty giving them the commandments. As soon as Moses went up the mountain they broke the commandments they heard and worshipped the golden calf. Even throughout the wilderness travels and seeing the might of the LORD they still rebelled against the LORD time and again. Shows of might would not covert the minds of the wicked.

Yet there were those who still looked to God with confidence. There were those who delighted in doing right and remembering the LORD in all his ways. They were given confidence by the LORD hopeful word given to Isaiah. Even they still sinned and continued in sins. Isaiah askes, “Can we be saved?”

Well the LORD did come down but not by fire and might but with the praise of the angels to lonely shepherds in a field outside of Bethlehem. He came down lowly and humble as an infant. He came to his people in the humility of sinful flesh and welcomed those who sinned against him. He came to them on a hill outside of Jerusalem, was lifted up upon the cross in his shame and died on a cross. In his humility and gentleness he saved his people from their sins. Not only did he save his people but he save all humanity, every person from their sins, guilt and death. He calls out in his name of Jesus to turn from our sins and to trust his sacrifice on the cross for our redemption. It is in this sacrifice the nations tremble at their sins, repent and return to the LORD their Maker and rejoice in Jesus Christ, the LORD and Savior.

Merciful God and Father, you did not come down in righteous anger to convert the nations but sent your son Jesus Christ humbly to achieve our salvation. When he return in glory and might may we be found having faith in him and enter into his glory. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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