#DailyDevotion Listen Israel & Hear You Nations Jesus Is The LORD’s Torah & Mighty Arm

#DailyDevotion Listen Israel & Hear You Nations Jesus Is The LORD’s Torah & Mighty Arm

Isaiah 51. 4Listen to Me, My people, and hear Me, My nation; from Me the Law goes out, and My justice as a light for the nations. 5I am here to do what is right. I’m on My way to save. My arms will judge the nations. The lands by the sea will eagerly wait for Me and put their trust in My arm. 6Look up to heaven, and watch the earth below. The heavens will disappear like smoke, the earth wear out like a garment, and those who live there will die like gnats. But I will always save and never be stopped from doing what is right.

The LORD is appealing here to his people Israel before they are carted off by the Assyrians for not trusting in the LORD and worshiping vain idols. He calls on them to listen to him, even as he did in the giving of the Torah a second time, Deut. 6 4“Listen, Israel: the LORD our God is one LORD. 5Love the LORD your God with all your mind, all your heart, and all your strength.” Now he says the Torah goes out from him and his justice as a light for the nations. Israel did not heed the Torah at the mountain when they left Egypt. They did not listen after entering the promise land after he gave it a second time. But he say, “Listen to Me, My people, and hear Me, My nation..”

The LORD is here to do right and he was on his way to save. He wasn’t there to save them from the Assyrians, unless of course they repented, which they didn’t. His arm will judge the nations. To judge here is not only to condemn, but to judge is to save from enemies as we see in the book of Judges where the LORD sends judges to save his people from their enemies. We see that in the second half of this verse. The lands by the seas will eagerly wait for him and put their trust in his arm. These means nothing less than the Gentiles wait also for the LORD to save them and for the LORD to save them from their enemies by his mighty arm.

It is written in Deut. 18, 15“The LORD your God will raise a Prophet for you, one of you, an Israelite, like me; listen to Him… 17The LORD told me: ‘They’re right in what they ask. 18I will raise a Prophet for them, One of their fellow Israelites, like you; I will have Him speak My Word, and He will tell them everything I order Him.” The LORD spoke again in Matthew 175“This is My Son Whom I love and delight in. Listen to Him!” Jesus is that prophet. Jesus is the Torah of the LORD.  He is the LORD’s right arm to save. He says in John, 524 “I tell you the truth, if you listen to what I say and believe Him Who sent Me, you have everlasting life, and you will not be judged, but you have come from death to life.”

Listen Israel! Listen O you nations! Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the LORD’ Torah and mighty arm. Listen to him! Trust his word. Believe on him and you will be saved. Paul writes in 1 Cor. 1555“Where, Death, is your victory? Where, Death, is your sting? 56Sin gives death its sting, and the Law gives sin its power. 57But thank God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” Jesus risen from the dead is God’s right arm to save us from death and raise us to everlasting life, everyone who believes in him and listens to him.

Heavenly Father, you sent your Son Jesus Christ to instruct Israel and the nations, to save them from sin and death. Open our ears that we may hear and trust him and thereby be saved by his mighty arm from death to eternal life. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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