#DailyDevotion Jesus The Son Of Mary Fulfills The Promise To David

#DailyDevotion Jesus The Son Of Mary Fulfills The Promise To David

2 Samuel 78But now, say this to My servant David: “The LORD of armies says this: I took you from the pasture where you followed the sheep that you should be a leader in charge of My people Israel. 9I was with you wherever you went and destroyed all your enemies before you, and I will make your name as great as the name of the greatest men on earth. 10I will make a place for My people Israel and plant them so they will live in their own place and not be troubled anymore. The wicked will not oppress them any more as they used to do 11from the time I appointed judges over My people Israel. But I will give you rest from fighting all your enemies. The LORD also tells you He will build a house for you.. . . . 16Your royal house will stand firm before Me forever, and your throne will stand firm forever.”

While David’s plan to build the LORD a temple was wrong-headed it was right-hearted. Because David was acting in faith when he planned on making the temple for the LORD’s name the LORD wants to bless him. So the LORD wants to do something for David.

First he says, “I will make your name as great as the name of the greatest men on earth.” Well here we are still talking about David. David’s name indeed has become great all across the world. Many kings of many nations have come and gone and no one knows who they are but David, his name and his kingdom remains on the memory of billions.

The people of Israel came to rest under David and Solomon and they were no longer bothered by their enemies. David after many battles was given peace from all his enemies.

And then there is this, “He will build a house for you..your royal house will stand firm before me forever, and your throne will stand firm forever.” As David wanted to build a house for the LORD’s name, the LORD wants to build name and a house for David, a royal house.  But there are some verse missing here. What do they say? 12 “When your time is up, and you lie down with your ancestors, I will raise up your Descendant Who will come from you, and I will establish His kingdom. 13He will build a temple for My name, and I will make the throne of His kingdom stand forever. 14I will be His Father; and He will be My Son.”

The LORD will himself will be the Descendent who will join himself to David’s flesh and house. He will be and is Jesus Christ the son of Mary. Jesus is the one who is building a temple for the name of the LORD which is the Church. Jesus has ascended to the right hand of the Father in David’s flesh and sits on the throne of the Kingdom of God. The LORD is the Father. Jesus the LORD is the Father’s Son. Jesus’ kingdom rules in the hearts of men from coast to coast and from sea to sea. When he returns again in glory the whole world will be his kingdom and nothing wicked will remain in it. We are citizens of heaven now through baptism and faith in Christ will be citizens of his kingdom when it is made manifest to all creation. Make sure and certain you are part of this kingdom. Jesus has won it for you.

Heavenly Father, you promised your servant David a name, a house and a descendent and you have fulfilled all these in your Son Jesus Christ our LORD. Grant us faith in Jesus that we might rest in the land you have given him, the new heavens and new earth when Jesus is revealed to the whole world. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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