#DailyDevotion Jesus Of Nazareth Is YHWH’s Covenant

#DailyDevotion Jesus Of Nazareth Is YHWH’s Covenant

Isaiah 425The LORD God made the heavens and stretched them out. He shaped the earth and what it produces. He gives life to the people who are on it, breath to those walking on it. And He says this: 6“I the LORD have called You for My righteous purpose. I will take hold of Your hand and protect You. I will give you as My Covenant to the people, as My Light to the nations — 7 to give sight to the blind, bring prisoners out of the dungeon and those who live in darkness out of the prison. 8I am the LORD; that is My name. I will not give My glory to anyone else nor the praise I deserve to idols. 9See how My former predictions have come true. Now I’m announcing new things and telling you about them before they spring into being.”

The LORD establishes his credibility here and proclaims his might. He made the heavens and the earth. He shaped the earth and what it produces. He gives life to the people on it. So to the outstretched heavens which appear to go on into infinity down to the smallest particle you can ever find and everything in between the LORD is its maker and its preserver. Whatever has existence it gets that existence from the LORD. Based on this, listen to what the LORD says.

He continues to talk to us about the servant he talked about in verse one. He has chosen his servant for a righteous purpose. He takes hold of his hand and protects him. Yet we know this servant in his only begotten son from eternity, born of the Virgin Mary in time. Yes, it does appear the LORD leads him and guides him and keeps him safe. The LORD led him Egypt when Herod wanted to kill him, to Nazareth when his children also wanted to harm him. Jesus walked through the crowds in Nazareth who wanted to cast him off the cliff for claiming who he is.

Yet, the Father lets him be captured by the Jews before Passover, beat him, turned him over to Pilate where he was further mocked, beaten and eventually crucified to death. Where was the LORD’s protection there? Well the LORD continues here, “I will give you as My Covenant to the people.” A covenant is the animal who sheds his blood and whose blood binds the parties, “May this happen to me if I break this covenant (agreement).” So the LORD makes Jesus his covenant to the people of Israel and to the world. The terms of that covenant are found in Jeremiah chapter thirty-one. “I will be your God and you will be my people. I will forgive you your sins and remember them no more. You will know me and my instruction will be written on your hearts.”

Jesus Christ of Nazareth becomes the Covenant of the LORD and as the covenant he becomes a light to the nations, he gives sight to the blind and he frees those dungeons and those who live in dungeons out of the darkness of their prisons. While Jesus most certainly healed the blind, I believe the rest and including blindness refers rather to being spiritually blind, spiritually bound by the devil, sin and the fear of death. The truth of his good news that God the Father forgives them and us for the sake of the blood spilled on the cross by Jesus and he has reconciled himself is the good news that enlightens our hearts and souls. It frees us from the dungeons of our sins and removes us from our lives of darkness into the light of his Jesus Christ. The LORD predicted this and it has come to pass. Believe the good news.

O LORD our God, all glory, honor, power and might are yours. You foretold the sending of your son for our salvation. Grant us faith to believe it and the gift of the Holy Spirit so we may live it. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.


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