#DailyDevotion Can You Make One Of These?

#DailyDevotion Can You Make One Of These?

Job 3812Did you ever in your life give orders to the morning, or send the dawn to its place, 13so it could take hold of the earth by its borders and shake the wicked out of it? 14The earth changes like clay under a seal; parts of it stand out like folds in a garment. 15The light of the wicked is taken away; his raised arm is broken. 16Have you gone to the sources of the sea or walked through the hidden recesses of the deep? 17Were you shown the gates of death; have you looked at the gates of deep darkness? 18Do you realize how broad the earth is? Tell me if you know it all.

The LORD continues to question Job. After all, Job had been questioning the LORD for the last 37 chapters: Why am I alive? Why are you doing this to me? Why did you bring me into existence? Why did you ever let me enjoy anything and take it all away? Why am I suffering? Why don’t you just take my life and end all this?

These are a questions a lot of people ask God. You may have asked God these very questions.  We saw a bit how the LORD answered Job yesterday with questions about where was he when the LORD was creating things and who made them. Today we continue to look at the LORD’s questioning of Job. The LORD starts with a different tact of questions. He asks Job questions concerning the things the LORD can and does do. Can you do these things Job?

So Job, can you give orders to the morning or the sunset?  Can you shake the wicked off the earth i.e. cause earthquakes? Have you gone down to the depths of the sea? Can you look into the depths of death and darkness? About the only question we can answer today is how broad the earth is. Perhaps the line of questioning the LORD Jesus would give us might be a little different. Can you cause the earth to rotate at just the right speed, at the perfect distance from the sun to sustain life? Can you cause a star to go supernova to change the elements from one to another? Do you know the why of Schrodinger’s cat or create the physics behind it? Can you make something out of nothing and sustain it? And by the way, you still haven’t gone down to the depths of the sea.

Seriously, the LORD Jesus Christ is LORD of all. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit can do, think, plan far beyond our capabilities to understand. That fact that he deigns to talk with his creatures, you and me, and expresses his great love for us is still beyond the comprehension of many people. It is only revealed in Scripture and believed when Jesus opens our heart to it. You may be wondering and have all these questions about how and why God does and allows some things, like letting Job suffer for no other reason we can tell than to win a wager with Satan. But the fact remains, we probably couldn’t wrap our minds around it even if he tried to explain it. It is enough to know that whatever happens to us, our family and our friends, in Jesus Christ we know God the Father loves us, is on our side in Christ, and Jesus is with us in and through it all.

Heavenly Father, we cannot do what you do or think what you think, yet you deign to reveal to us your love for us in Christ Jesus. Grant us faith through all our trials and tribulations to believe and trust in your love and faithfulness to us for the sake of Jesus Christ your Son our Lord who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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