#DailyDevotion Are You Ready To Party?

#DailyDevotion Are You Ready To Party?

Isaiah 55“Oh, come to the water, all you who are thirsty! You who have no money, come, buy and eat.  Come and buy grain without money, and wine and milk that costs nothing. 2Why are you spending money for what isn’t bread and your earnings for what doesn’t satisfy? If you will only listen to Me, you will eat good things and enjoy rich food. 3Hear and come to Me. Listen and you will live! I will make an everlasting covenant with you —the mercies faithfully promised to David!

The LORD pleads with his people here to put their trust in him. In Isaiah’s day the northern tribes had rebelled against the LORD and worshipped other gods. Because of this the LORD had sent the Assyrians to wipe them out. The southern tribes were running pretty closely behind them. But it would be another century plus some before he sent the Babylonians to discipline the southern tribes. Yet in the midst of judgment we have these words of comfort and peace. We see an invitation to a banquet feast. In the wilderness and the surrounding deserts of Palestine there is an invitation to receive water. He bids them to buy it without money. How does one even do that?

In John 410“If you knew what God is giving,” Jesus answered her, “and Who it is that says to you, ‘Give Me a drink,’ you would have asked Him, and He would have given you living water.” Again he says, 14 “But the water I’ll give him will be in him a spring of water bubbling up to everlasting life.” In Rev. 21 Jesus says, 6“To anyone who is thirsty I will give water, without cost, from the spring of the water of life.” This water of life that Jesus freely gives is the Holy Spirit who gives us life, new life in our hearts and Spirit. Jesus affirms this in John 7 37“’If you’re thirsty, come to Me and drink. 38If you believe in Me, streams of living water will flow from you, as the Bible has said.’ 39By this He meant the Spirit, Whom those who believed in Him were to receive.”

In preparation of the feast to come Jesus demonstrates what he is talking about in Isaiah in John 6, 11“Then Jesus took the loaves, gave thanks, and distributed them to the people who were sitting down, and in the same way as much of the fish as they wanted.” Here he feeds the people without costs multiplying the fish and the bread. On the Last Day, we will be ushered into the wedding feast of the Lamb, our LORD Jesus Christ. Until that day, he gives us his body and blood in his supper as a foretaste of the feast to come. These waters, this feast, comes at no cost to us. It is based on the mercies of the LORD’s servant David. That is, the mercies here are bought for us by David’s son, God’s Son, Jesus Christ with his innocent suffering, death and resurrection.

How will we participate in this grand feast? The LORD says, listen to him, hear him, come to him. Don’t ignore this invitation. The Father has cut a covenant with the world with Jesus as the sacrifice. Listen to Jesus. Trust what he says. Hear him! Understand the invitation given to you. Come to Jesus. He will in no wise turn you away. He came to make satisfaction for your sin so you may approach the Father without fear.

Heavenly Father, you have called us to listen, hear and come to you that we may participate in the wedding feast of your Son Jesus Christ. Grant us you Holy Spirit that we may indeed do these things and enter your everlasting feast. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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