#DailyDevotion What Was The Straw The Broke The Camel’s Back

#DailyDevotion What Was The Straw The Broke The Camel’s Back

Isaiah 4214(He says:) “I certainly have been silent a very long time. I kept still and held back. Now I will cry like a woman in childbirth. I will breathe and pant violently. 15I will lay waste the mountains and hills and wither all their vegetation. I will make the rivers like the seashores and dry up the ponds. 16I will make the blind walk on a road they don’t know and lead them in paths they don’t know.  I will turn darkness to light before them and make the rugged places a plain. These are the things I will do and not leave undone. 17Then those who trust in carved idols and say to molten images, ‘You are our gods,’ will have to turn back, deeply ashamed of themselves.

So, it’s not so pretty when the Creator of the universe runs out of patience. The LORD our God had been extremely patient with his people Israel and Judah. Let’s consider the name of the LORD: Ex. 34:6 6 “the LORD, the LORD God, merciful and gracious, slow to get angry, rich in love and faithfulness, 7continuing to show mercy to thousands, forgiving wrong, rebellion, and sin, without treating it as innocent, but disciplining children and children’s children to the third and fourth generation for the sins of their fathers.” The name of the LORD reveals his character, who he is and what he is like.

Ever since Egypt the people of Israel were hard headed and stiff necked. They rebelled against the LORD their God at every turn. Even after seeing the mighty power of the LORD in Egypt, the Red Sea, heard his voice from the mountain and seen the miracles in the desert, they worshiped idols, were sexually immoral and tested the LORD through their grumbling. Over the course of a thousand years of being patient with them, being merciful and gracious, slow to anger, being rich in love and faithfulness,  continuing to show mercy, forgiving wrongs, rebellions sin, they threw it all back in the LORD’s face.

So what happens when they have despised all the good the LORD did towards them? Well we see in this Isaiah passage. He acts swiftly like a woman in childbirth. Through the hands of the Assyrians first and then the Babylonians, he laid waste to their valleys. He led the blind on roads they don’t know. It isn’t pretty. Yet through the punishments there is yet hope. The LORD disciplines his people yet does it to lead them to salvation. As his name reveals, he doesn’t treat the guilty as innocent but disciplines them for a while. But at the right time he returns to the mercy revealed in his name. His discipline serves his mercy and kindness.

Isaiah 42 is one of the servant songs of Isaiah. His servant is Jesus. Jesus leads us blind in places we don’t know and makes the darkness bright as light. Jesus makes the rough places a plain. His mercy and kindness to us makes us ashamed of the idols we worship (sex, drugs, jealousy, possessions, jobs, alcohol, etc.). Jesus is the way to the mercy, kindness, love, grace, faithfulness and forgiveness. Confess your sin of trusting other things than the LORD Jesus Christ and you will find these things he confesses he is in Jesus.

O LORD, our LORD, you discipline us when we go astray. Grant us repentance that we may see your mercy and kindness in Jesus your Son so we may experience your love and faithfulness and not know your anger forever. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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