#DailyDevotion God The Father Is More Crazy Generous Than Anyone

#DailyDevotion God The Father Is More Crazy Generous Than Anyone

Eph. 1. So 8He poured out the riches of His grace on us, giving us every kind of wisdom and understanding 9He told us the hidden meaning of His will. It was His kindly purpose in Christ 10 to manage everything in heaven and on earth in such a way that when the right time would come it would all be organized under Christ as its Head.

The Vonage company had a commercial where they appeared to be crazy generous. Well our LORD Jesus Christ and our Father in heaven is crazy generous. Here in Ephesians tells us of his generosity with words such as pour, riches, grace, giving, every, everything, kindly and the like.

So we see here he poured out the riches of his grace on us. When you hear the word ‘pour’ you should think of your baptism for that is where you can be certain your God poured out the riches of his grace upon you. There he gave you faith, he sealed you with his Holy Spirit and he washed away your sins. You were made one with Jesus in his life, death and resurrection. He made you children of God, heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ. He made you citizens of the kingdom of God and Heaven.

If that were not enough, he has given us every kind of wisdom and understanding. The wisdom of God is Jesus Christ. When we looks to Jesus and what he has done for us we gain understanding of how and why God the Father does what he does. In Christ we understand the Father loves us and has a kindly gaze upon us. We understand our Father in heaven is merciful and forgiving. We see his wisdom in sending his son to become one of us and one with us so he may take our death upon himself, take our sins and guilt and nail them to the cross, and pour out his blood as an atoning sacrifice and propitiation for our sin.

God the Father in his crazy generosity tells us the hidden meaning his will. The hidden meaning now revealed that he wants to save the world, all people in Christ Jesus through his death and resurrection. He shows us how he has placed everything in heaven and on earth under Jesus Christ as its head for Jesus said in John 12, 32“And once I have been lifted up from the earth, I will draw all [people] to Me.” You might note I put people in brackets because the Greek just says all. Translators put people there. All is more fitting as Jesus redeemed not only all people but all creation as Paul tells us in Romans 8, 20“For this created world must waste away, not because it wants to but because its Master would have it so, but it does so with the hope 21that this created world also will be freed from the slavery of decay in order to share the freedom of glory with the children of God.”

Jesus is the head of creation as its source and Jesus is the head of creation as the one who leads and guides everything to bring us to faith, sustain and strengthen us in our faith in him and to have us regain our dominion over it with him as he reigns eternally at the right hand of God.

Heavenly Father, continually manifest your magnificent generosity towards us in Christ Jesus so we may properly give all honor and praise to your Son Jesus Christ who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God now and forever. Amen.

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