#DailyDevotion Everything Will Be Put Under Jesus’ Feet

#DailyDevotion Everything Will Be Put Under Jesus’ Feet

1 Cor. 1524Then the end will come when He hands over the kingdom to God the Father after He has put an end to every other government, authority, and power, 25since He must rule as King until He puts all enemies under His feet. 26The last enemy He will get rid of is death. 27You see, He puts everything under His feet. When He says “everything is put under Him,” this clearly doesn’t include Him Who puts everything under Him. 28But when everything has been put under Him, then the Son also will put Himself under Him Who put everything under the Son so that God will be everything in everything.

When Jesus ascended into heaven to the right hand of God he began his rule as the new David who would forever rule as the LORD had promised David that his descendent would rule forever. Right now the Father is in the process of putting everything under his feet. When he returns in glory and he raises the dead then what is described in these verses will come to pass.

At that time, Jesus will “put to end to every other government, authority, and power…” For all powers on earth, in heaven above and under the earth must become subject to him. As such they must be taken out. This is what it means in Revelation when it says, “And there was no longer any sea.”(Rev. 21:1) So no more political parties, no more presidents or kings,  no more legislatures or judges, there will on be Jesus. All spiritual powers will be subject to Jesus as well.

The last enemy to be gotten rid of is death. For having raised the dead and the judgment there is no more need for that. Everyone will be eternally set in whatever fate they had sealed for themselves. Those who trusted in Christ will live eternally with Christ in the new heavens and new earth. They will no longer sin so there is no more need for death. Those who did not trust in Jesus will be cast into the Lake of Fire, which is the second death, where they will be tormented forever with the fallen angels. Revelation 20 tells us, “14Then death and the grave were thrown into the fiery lake. The fiery lake is the second death.” Such is the fate of the last enemy of God’s people.

When all this is done everything is put under his feet. But as Paul reminds us, this does not mean the Father, who had put everything under Jesus’ feet. Jesus hands everything under the Father. Jesus, whom the Father put everything, will subject himself to the Father who put everything under him. Jesus while being eternally the Son of God and equal to the Father according to his divinity, was made a little lower than God as he humbled himself to become one of us, part of creation. He does what Adam did not do in our place subjecting himself to the Father. Having submitted to the Father himself and everything, everything comes back to a full circle and God is everything in everything. Jesus reigns as the Son of God and the Son of Man. We who have put our trust in him and having been renewed in his image and likeness are raised to live and reign with Christ and in Christ. This is our hope as Christians.

Heavenly Father, on the day of Christ’s revelation to the world and the living and the dead are judged, grant that we may be found with Christ’s life in us so we may be raised to eternal life and live and reign with him in the new heavens and new earth. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.


Alan L.

I have a concern with the statement in the devotion that says Jesus is equal ” equal to the Father according to His humanity.” The Athanasian Creed says thus about Christ:

“Equal to the Father, as touching his Godhead: and inferior to the Father, as touching his Manhood.”


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