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Daily Readings: April 12th

#DailyDevotion Will You Escape The Final Judgment? Lent day 37 Wednesday Read Ex 10:21—11:10 Exo 10:22-23  So Moses stretched out his hand toward heaven, and there was pitch darkness in all the land of Egypt three days.  (23)  They did not see one another, nor did anyone rise from his place for three days, but… Read more »

Daily Reading: April 11th

#DailyDevotion The Cure for Your Addiction To Sin Lent day 36 Tuesday Read Ex 9:29—10:20 Exodus 9:29-34 29 Moses said to him, “As soon as I have gone out of the city, I will stretch out my hands to the Lord. The thunder will cease, and there will be no more hail, so that you… Read more »

Daily Readings: April 10th

#DailyDevotion The Rulers of This World Serve At God’s Pleasure Lent Day 35 Monday Read Ex 9:1–28 Exo 9:16  But for this purpose I have raised you up, to show you my power, so that my name may be proclaimed in all the earth…19  Now therefore send, get your livestock and all that you have… Read more »

Daily Reading: April 9th

#DailyDevotion Don’t Harden Your Heart Like Pharaoh Palm Sunday Read Ex 8:1–32 Exo 8:16  Then the LORD said to Moses, “Say to Aaron, ‘Stretch out your staff and strike the dust of the earth, so that it may become gnats in all the land of Egypt.’”…18 The magicians tried by their secret arts to produce… Read more »

Daily Reading: April 8th

#DailyDevotion You Will Know God One Way Or Another Lent day 34 Saturday Read Ex 7:1–25 Exo 7:1-6  And the LORD said to Moses, “See, I have made you like God to Pharaoh, and your brother Aaron shall be your prophet.  (2)  You shall speak all that I command you, and your brother Aaron shall… Read more »

Daily Reading: April 7th

#DailyDevotion What On Earth Are You Doing Lord? Lent day 33 Friday Read Ex 5:1—6:1 Exo 5:22-6:1  Then Moses turned to the LORD and said, “O Lord, why have you done evil to this people? Why did you ever send me?  (23)  For since I came to Pharaoh to speak in your name, he has… Read more »

Daily Reading: April 6th

#DailyDevotion The Word Of God Gives Us Faith Lent day 32 Thursday Read Ex 4:19–31 Exo 4:28-31  And Moses told Aaron all the words of the LORD with which he had sent him to speak, and all the signs that he had commanded him to do.  (29)  Then Moses and Aaron went and gathered together… Read more »

Daily Reading: April 5th

#DailyDevotion Your Pastor’s Mouth Doesn’t Belong To Him Lent day 31 Wednesday Read Ex 4:1–18 Exo 4:11-15  Then the LORD said to him, “Who has made man’s mouth? Who makes him mute, or deaf, or seeing, or blind? Is it not I, the LORD?  (12)  Now therefore go, and I will be with your mouth… Read more »

Daily Reading: April 4th

#DailyDevotion God Remembered! Lent day 30 Tuesday Read Ex 2:23—3:22 Exo 2:23-24  During those many days the king of Egypt died, and the people of Israel groaned because of their slavery and cried out for help. Their cry for rescue from slavery came up to God.  (24)  And God heard their groaning, and God remembered… Read more »